Since 2014 I have been traveling around the United States living in a van, working from coffee shops, and adventuring at every opportunity.

In 2014 I spent 11 weeks on the road, visiting friends and family in Arizona and Indiana, and working full time for a tech startup in Santa Barbara. The experience gave me a taste of #VanLife on the road and I wanted more. In 2015 I transitioned from a W2 employee to a 1099 freelancer, got rid of anything that didn’t fit in the van, and left for the open road. For the next 6 months I drove 20,000 miles, visited 22 states, 3 countries, 11 National Parks, and worked on freelance projects in coffee shops along the way. In 2016 I drove across Canada on the Trans-Canada highway, taking several months and adding another 25,000 miles to the odometer. 2017 was another van tour of the west, and in 2018 I sold the van and replaced it with a Toyota Tacoma for more off road adventures.

NORT AMERICA MAP - Chris Tarzan Clemens


  • Florida


December 15th, 2015|0 Comments

I woke up sweating in a truck stop gas station just a mile north of the state line. The overnight temperatures hovered near 80, meaning I had a warm balmy night trying to sleep in [...]

  • Georgia


December 8th, 2015|0 Comments

My first stop in Georgia was Hiawassee to see Jim and Maggie, our first "Trail Angels" on the Appalachian Trail in 2012. They had met us the day that we started our Thru-Hike and told [...]

  • Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

October 3rd, 2015|1 Comment

It was late August and I'd been FunEmployed and living on the road for just over 2 months. Most of that time I'd been staying with family, sleeping indoors, with access to hot showers and [...]

  • Ashland Oregon

Ashland, Oregon

September 28th, 2015|0 Comments

I drove east along the Oregon Trail and got lost in the nostalgia of sitting in the middle school computer lab, shooting pixilated deer, and praying that I wouldn't drown while fording the river, only [...]

  • Yellowstone


September 22nd, 2015|1 Comment

I left Breckenridge and drove north through Colorado and into Wyoming, covering 500 miles in a single day. It was more driving than I like to do in one stretch, but I had places to [...]

  • Colorado


September 19th, 2015|0 Comments

My first month of FunEmployment was spent based in Arizona, as well as traveling to Michigan and the Appalachian Trail in New England. I had not slept in the van a single night since leaving [...]