Before becoming a freelance digital nomad I’d traveled to Europe a few times for work, but when I returned in 2018 to work at a trade show in Germany being location independent meant that I didn’t have to return home once the event was done. So, I stayed! After visiting Venice and Paris I bought a backpack and set out to hike the Camino de Santiago along the French Way across Spain and then spent a few weeks on the coast north of Barcelona before heading home. In 2023 I returned to Europe after a long hiatus to work the trade show in Germany again, but this time instead of staying after I flew over early, 5 months to be exact, and explored Istanbul, Athens, Crete and settled in to spend a few months in a ski town in Bulgaria.

Bansko, Bulgaria.

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Hiking the Camino de Santiago 2018

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Bansko, Bulgaria.

Bansko, Bulgaria

While hanging out with my co-working friends on Koh Lanta someone mentioned that a little ski town in Bulgaria was an inexpensive place to base and work from in the…
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