Alaska Road Trip - Valdez, Haines, & Yukon
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Alaska Road Trip – Valdez, Haines, & Yukon

Having wrapped up our Arctic Ocean adventures and exploring the Kenai Peninsula, we were excited for the last few Alaskan stops before returning to the Lower 48. Driving out of Anchorage we camped near Palmer to spend a night hanging out with my friends Donnie and Wendy who were also exploring Alaska in their converted ambulance home on wheels.

Camping With Friends
Riverside Camp

The next day Donnie and Wendy headed out to the Kenai while we rambled up the Glenn Highway. Before leaving Palmer we found a jawbone in the gravel and added it to the front bumper of Terk the Truck Camper. Palmer the Jawbone gave us that rugged vibe that got us moving through the rest of Alaska to wrap up our summer adventure!

Palmer the jawbone

We drove to Valdez and spent a few days working from the camper in the harbor and camping by Valdez Glacier Lake. As you might expect, sleeping next to a glacial lake was a little chilly, but it’s hard to beat watching icebergs float past your bedroom window in the morning!

Valdez Glacier Lake Campsite
Front porch view in Valdez

Leaving Valdez, we rejoined the Alaska Highway, crossed into the Yukon Territory, camped beside Kluane Lake, and turned on the propane heater as a light dusting of snow fell on the mountains above us. In the morning we checked out the Sheep Mountain Visitor’s Center, watched a herd of Dall Sheep grazing on the slopes above, and stopped in Haines Junction for a delicious coffee and breakfast before turning south.

Chilly Lakeside Camp

Leaving the Alaska Highway we took the Haines Highway back to the United States and the town of Haines, which can only be accessed via road by driving through Canada first. The Haines Highway is stunningly beautiful and was absolutely one of my favorite stretches of road in the entire summer!

Views From Alaska

We spent a few days in Haines, met another traveler exploring Alaska in her Tacoma, and celebrated her birthday with beer and too much whiskey! Eventually we caught the ferry to Skagway and while Haines is a small, homey town, Skagway is a cruise ship hub, and the Disneyland vibe was interesting, but not our speed, so we only stayed one night and hit the road, heading back into Canada.

Tacoma Camping
Ferry to Skagway

The next few days we sped across miles through the Yukon Territory and British Columbia, and I found myself wishing we had more time to spend in these wild and remote places. Sometimes Alaska felt like a busy suburb compared to the vast wilderness of Canada, especially The Yukon.

Camping In Canada

Unfortunately, winter was setting in and I had a flight to catch to Las Vegas to work a trade show. We rolled into Vancouver, stowed Terk the Truck Camper in long term parking, and caught flights out. It had been an epic summer in Alaska, and while I felt like I had seen, explored, and experienced a lot, there was so much left to do. Something tells me that won’t be my only trip the the Last Frontier!

Alaska Road Trip Map 2019

Alaska Road Trip 2019

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  1. great story, to your continued journey.
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    Crazy business. You have inspired me even at 71. I love Alaska.
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  2. Hitchiked from california to alaska and across to new york in the summer of ’87. Took 3 months full time. Travelled some of these roads. Thanks north america for the good memories.

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