Going Green TV Interview
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Going Green TV Interview

Living in a van has a lot of benefits…simplicity, freedom, adventure, and this week I was interviewed by Brooke Welch of WFFT-TV in Fort Wayne, Indiana about going green and VanLife. Watch the interview below. Thank you Brooke!

Living in a house, while comfortable, can use a lot of energy and produce a lot of pollution.

One way to reduce your carbon footprint, is to downsize. The van in the background looks like a standard mode of transportation. For Chris Clemens, it’s actually his home.

“It makes life simple and I’m not carrying around a lot of extra junk.”

Clemens has been living in his vehicle for over a year and a half. “Just my physical footprint on the earth, and the fact that I used to live in a five bedroom house, and every closet was packed full, and I just had so much stuff, that I didn’t really need in life.”

Clemens quit his fulltime job in Santa Barbara a couple months ago, and has been traveling around the United States since.

“I do freelance marketing, I can work anywhere on the road. Wherever I can find a coffee shop, or public library, or some internet, I can sit down and work for several hours. Mostly I buy local produce. I’m in a lot of towns, so I find a farmer’s market. So I’m just picking up fresh produce, putting gas in the van, and heading off to the woods to explore and find new places.”

The van has 80 square feet of living space. Storage for clothes, a two burner stove, a fridge, a ten gallon water tank,and Clemens moves the seats to make a bed.

“It just frees up my time, frees up my energy, and I feel like I can go anywhere or do anything, because I’m not hauling a bunch of stuff around with me.”

If you would like to find out more information about Chris’s journey, you can check out his blog.  Here is the website.  https://christarzanclemens.com

Chris Tarzan Clemens - Going Green Interview

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