After living in a Honda Element for a year, and 3 years in an old Volkswagen campervan, crisscrossing the North American continent, I felt a little constrained by the 30 year old two wheel drive rig and was looking for something more off road capable.

While in New Zealand I found a used Toyota Tacoma for sale in Colorado. My brother bought it for me the next day and I flew home to build a custom home in the bed canopy and adventured the west for the summer.

Then, while in Spain that fall, I found a used slide in pop up truck camper that would fit the Tacoma, so I booked a flight home, bought it, and spent a frozen winter renovating the camper. In the spring I set out to drive as far north as possible, to the Arctic Ocean in Alaska, and turned south to start the long drive down the PanAmerican highway to the bottom of Argentina.