My first experience living out of a backpack was on the Appalachian Trail, when I spent nearly 5 months lugging that pack from Georgia to Maine. Once I returned home I downsized my life, moving out of my apartment, donating my stuff, couch surfing with friends, and eventually moving into a Honda Element to start my VanLife.

Several years later I got back to living out of a backpack when I parked my VW campervan for the North American winter and packed my ULA Catalyst and flew to spend several months in South America traveling form hostel to hostel, town to town, and country to country carrying nothing but my backpack.

Living Out Of A Backpack - Chris Tarzan Clemens



  • Quito Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador

February 2nd, 2016|2 Comments

The sun set over Miami, and when it rose again, I was in Ecuador. Modern travel is fast, efficient, and...unromantic. I would have preferred to earn my entry into South America the old fashioned way, [...]