Recently I was asked to give a keynote presentation to high school students attending the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership conference. Being a virtual event this year I put together a video about my nomadic wanderings and why I pursue an AntiComfortable lifestyle.

In the presentation I talk about how quitting my job to hike the Appalachian Trail inspired my AntiComfortable dreams to continue to challenge myself physically, live with less, and see more of the world.

The Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation (HOBY) organizes seminars for high school students to develop their leadership and teamwork skills and inspire them to live a life dedicated to leadership, service, and innovation. I was honored to present to these young leaders as I myself had a similar opportunity in high school when I attended RYLA, the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards conference.

It felt a little awkward talking about myself into a webcam for 20 minutes and I really hope I didn’t convince any high schoolers to drop out and move into a van. I’m humbled that my friend Chris Hager and HOBY’s planning committee invited me to share my story, and if you’re in need of a 20 minute time filler, here’s my AntiComfortable keynote presentation!

AntiComfortable Presentation