The Beard Update

The Beard Update

I have been asked a lot about how long I plan to keep the beard (mostly from Amy, with a bit of an agitated and annoyed tone).  Well, even though I am off the trail I do intend to keep it for the next week or two as I make my way back across the country to visit friends and family.  I figure I worked hard for the past 4-plus months, avoiding the razor, trying to keep food out of my whiskers, and dealing with the itching as it grew out…I should at least show it off!  So keep an eye out for The Beard…coming soon to a town near you!

The Beard Update

The Beard Update - AT 2012

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  1. Chris,

    I jumped on your blog in March and have followed your journey all the way. Congratulations ..

    I am envious .. Sitting in oxford, Maine , working from home and thinking ..damn .. how I wish I was in that place to push and pull and to be single focused..

    With all the ups and downs of the 4 months (no pun intended), you were, I’m guessing, faced with many moments where you had to push through mentally. Have you had time to reflect on that and what it may mean for you going forward.. “growing through adversity”

    I plan to hike the trail next year. in the early 8o’s, I hitchhiked around the country for almost 2 years living out of my backpack. I think back to those times with reverence, the pleasure and adversity as cementing my philosophy of life.. Was I who I thought I was ? Was I mentally tough enough to push through? Could I handle situations as they occurred. I live life everyday to it’s fullest and always have those experiences from the journey as my compass..

    Enjoy the accomplishment and best wishes going forward.. Thanks again for sharing your journey

    Oxford, Maine

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