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The Hiker Week

We have been talking on the trail and we thought the weekly cycle of a thru-hiker is a bit different than the weekly 7 day cycle of most everyone else. For example, we have had a lot of trail Fridays, not just the day Friday, but anytime we hike into a town for resupply, shower, laundry, and real food, that is a Friday for a hiker. So here are the days of the week as we see them…

The Hiker Week

Monday:  Any day we leave a town.  We typically wake up in a hotel bed, have some breakfast in town, and drag our feet getting back to work, aka, hiking the trail.

Weekday (Wednesday):  Any full day consisting of waking up in a campsite and hiking to a campsite, all in the woods.  Some may consider this more of a Saturday, a break from the norm and a chance to get out in nature, but this is our norm and being busy breaking camp, hiking, and setting up camp for more than 12 hours a day this could be considered our full time job.

Friday:  Any day we will be hitting a town…town means real food, a warm shower, clean clothes, and cold beer.  Sounds like a Friday to me!

Sunday:  A zero day.  A day of no hiking.  A day of rest.

So we figure for the next few months we will just have trail Mondays, trail Wednesdays, trail Fridays, and some trail Sundays.  It is interesting when your “weekly” cycle doesn’t really fit into the standard 7 day week!

The Hiker Week

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