Cell Phone Blues

Cell Phone Blues….

Well, yesterday while I was at the store buying some supplies, trying to hold 2 boxes of Slim Jims, a box of Pop Tarts, cheese cloth, a small deodorant, baby powder, tooth paste, vitamins, and instant potatoes, I somehow managed to drop my phone on the supermarket floor. It wasn’t that bad of a tumble, but it was enough to knock it out of commission. After a long night of trying everything to turn it back on, including reenacting the fall, and throwing it across the hotel room out of frustration, it still doesn’t work.

We are getting ready to head out of Franklin, NC shortly and we’ll be on the trail for the next few days. Hopefully in the meantime my pit crew (Amy) can figure out what to do about my cell phone blues…

Until then I’m out of service, out of connection, and out of cell range…which is what most other people go to the woods to achieve! We’ll see how long I can last, I’m sure I’ll be fine, but I’ll be happy to have a new piece of technology to stay a little connected to the real world and keep everyone updated on our progress!

The weather is nice, in the upper 70’s, makes for some hot hiking! There is a chance of thunderstorms the next few days, but right now it’s warm and sunny, so we can’t complain!

Cell Phone Blues

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  1. Wait. Did I read that right? A HOTEL ROOM! That’s not backpacking…come on man! :) What stove did you end up getting? I had good luck with one by Snow Peak.

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